It is possible to calculate the cost of a travel document in Minsk public transport online, but the current version of the calculator needs improvement - simplification of perception and revision of the logic of interaction with the interface.

Task: to develop the decision of the interface of the calculator of comparison of cost of travel passes.

2019, Concept

Transport fare can be paid at one of the above rates. The travel pass is issued in the form of a contactless plastic card to which you can write down from one to six fares.
The optimal cost of the travel pass is calculated by comparing the two variants. The user adds parameters to the forms and receives the options of the amount to be paid and the difference in cost.
Step 1
Adding the method of payment to the blank form. In the menu, you can select a multiple or single fare type.
Step 2
After filling in forms there is a calculation of variants of cost of travel pass and showing of difference in cost of documents. The optimal solution is colored in green and the disadvantageous one in red.
Step 3
Up to six types of billing can be included in each variant, and if the tariff setting area becomes larger than the screen area in height, the calculator header fixes its position on the screen when scrolling.
More than half of visitors visit the site from mobile devices, so the web-based interface of the calculator is optimized for any screen size on a smartphone, tablet or computer. For people with disabilities, there is a contrast version with a larger font size.
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